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Thai Food, Ingredients for cooking

Food Thai, Ingredients continued


Thais use several varieties in cooking, especially in Chinese-derived dishes. Among the most common are abalone or oyster mushrooms, dried chinese mushrooms and straw mushrooms.


On ions

In addition to the large, bulbous common variety (Horn Yai), shallots (Hom Lek or Horn Daeng) and scallions (Ton Hom) are used.





Used in both fresh green, dried black and ground form, these are called Phrik Thai and add a peppery flavour to many dishes.






The pulp of the pod of the tamarind tree (Makham) adds a sour taste to a number of meat and fish dishes or soups



Khamin in Thai, this is another member of the ginger family and provides a bright yellow colour to some Thai curries and Sa Te.







Sino-Thai dishes employ a number of kinds. Among them are glass noodles (Wun Sen), which are made from mung beans, thin and almost transparent; rice vermicelli : Sen Mi (thin) / Sen Lek (narrow) / Sen Yai (wide), which are made from rice flour and come in three different sizes; and thin egg noodles (Bami), which are used in soups and stir-fried dishes.





Palm Sugar

Known in Thai as Nam Tan Pip, this is derived from the fruit of the Palmyra palm and comes in the form of dried thick pa cakes

Food Thai,  an assortment of dishes