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Hi my name is Gordon and the reason for starting this web site is to put down all my experiences enjoyed over many years travelling to Thailand. I want this site to be family friendly ( sorry guys but there are plenty of other sites for you ) I need for it to be safe for any member of the family to visit and enjoy the information within.This is my first attempt at designing and building a Web Site but with the help of Serif Software it has been made easier.One of my interest’s before, was Desk Top Publishing and this has helped me  with the page design etc.

I shall be adding over the years additional items and menu’s, but it does take time when you are doing it yourself. I hope to visit many more places and take many more photographs to use in the future. Along with more information on complicated items such as Legal services, Hospitals, Dentist , which hotels to use, where to eat, which bars are good etc. etc. I hope to add more link sites to cover all manner of interest, which will enable you to enjoy the web site  more -

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