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Thai Food - Thai Fruits

Food Thai, Various Thai fruits

Mango ( Mamuang )

One of Thailand's most popular fruits, with many varieties to be found, Thai mango is traditionally eaten ripe; slice open lengthwise, remove the large seed, then scoop out the delicious juicy flesh with a spoon. It can also be eaten unripe in many Thai salads. As Thailand's signature dessert, mango is accompanied by sticky rice and coconut milk. Alternatively, raw green mangos can be sliced and dipped into Nam Na Wan (sweet fish sauce).

Season: February to May

Rambutan ( Ngo )

An exotic fruit with a bright red skin covered in green tipped hairs, rambutan is a delicious, white fleshy fruit particularly famed for their sweetness. It can be eaten fresh by squeezing the skin open by hand or cut with a knife. Alternatively, it can be made into jams, ice-cream or even added to make delicious salads

.Season: May to October

Mangosteen ( Mang Khut )

This delicious fruit has a thick, dark red skin, and creamy white segments inside with a sweet, slightly tart flavour. It can be eaten raw, made into tarts or added to seafood curries.

Season: March to November

Rose Apple ( Chomphu )

A bell shaped, with a glossy, edible skin that can be either green or pink. It is crisp and slightly acidic in taste; eaten fresh or added to several salad dishes.

Season: January to June and September to October

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