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Thai Food  - Year Round Fruits

Food Thai, Thai fruits continued

Guava ( Farang )

One of the most popular snacks, guava can be eaten when ripe or still green, best eaten when dipped in salt and sugar. High in Vitamin C.

Papaya ( Malako )

Two main varieties found in Thailand are; one with red and the other with yellowish-orange flesh. Unripe papaya is used as a main ingredient in Som-Tam, Thailand's most recognized salad. The ripe fruit is also eaten fresh with a few drops of lime juice.

Banana ( Kluai )

Approximately twenty different varieties are grown in Thailand. Three most popular are; Horn, Nam Wah and Khai. They can be eaten raw when young and green as a vegetable with a spicy sauce. Those un-ripe are sliced, dried in the sun then fried for a snack. In addition, they can also be grilled and soaked with syrup; boiled in coconut milk with salt and sugar; boiled in syrup; smoked in their skins or cooked as golden fritters

Orange ( Som Khiao Wan )

High in vitamin C, Thai orange is sweeter than those usually found in the west & is eaten as a between meal snack, as desert or squeezed for the juice

Food Thai, a selection of fruits