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Thai Food - Fruits etc.

Food Thai, Year round fruits

Coconut ( Ma-Phrao )

Coconut makes an ideal refreshing drink. Its soft white flesh of the young fruit is delightful as a snack. As desserts, coconut is cooked as custard, or as a candy, as crispy strips cooked in brown syrup and countless other confections. Coconut flesh and milk is also widely used in Thai cooking, especially in soups and curries.

Jackfruit  ( Khanun )

The fruit may have a strong smell, but is blessed with a sweet taste. It can be eaten raw as a snack, with ice cream or mixed with other fruits and coconut milk. The cooked seeds are also found in many dishes.

Pineapple ( Sapparot )

This fruit with light yellow flesh can either be eaten fresh (a pinch of salt enhances the flavour), or used as an ingredient in cooking such as in a spicy soup called kaeng khua sapparot. Alternatively, they are pressed into juice, which is very refreshing and fragrant.

Watermelon ( Taeng Mo )

Watermelon is known for its sweet and refreshing characteristic. They are often eaten dipped in salt following a spicy dinner. The juice is often used as a beverage.

Pomelo ( Som-o )

Pomelo is much sweeter and may need a touch of salt to bring out the best taste, when comparing to grapefruit. This Thai version of the grapefruit can be eaten fresh or as a dessert. They are also used as an ingredient in several salads, or squeezed to make a perfect refreshing drink

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