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Wat Kow Tahm

Mountain Cave Monastery

Koh Phan Ngan

Wat Kow Tahm (Mountain Cave Monastery) International Meditation Centre attracts an ever increasing number of people from all over the world interested in studying and practicing the methods, techniques and tools of mental development taught by Rosemary and Steve Weissman; the resident teachers since 1988. They feel that through an overall and balanced mental development practice, we may be able to gain Insight into our own nature and the laws of Nature; developing deep Compassion and Understanding of the origins of difficulties and stress, and how to end them.

The programs at Wat Kow Tahm, i.e., ten day retreat, 19 day retreat, 20 day retreat and the 3 / 4 months work retreat are in a state of change and evolvement: arising, changing and / or passing as Rosemary and Steve see the particular needs of their students and the moment, trying to respond appropriately to these needs. The programs are also a reflection of Steve and Rosemary's own personal growth in Compassionate Understanding.

The retreats taught by Steve and Rosemary have as their basis many skilful meditation techniques taught within Theravadin Buddhism designed to help us develop Vipassana or Insight into Reality. Vipassana is an ancient Indian Pali word. It does not mean a specific technique, but the resulting Insight and Wisdom which comes from skilful methods. These help us to understand the underlying characteristics of ourselves and life. The techniques taught include the developing of: Concentration and mindfulness. Moment-to-moment awareness.The investigative quality of clear comprehension which helps to discover the deeper laws of cause and effect, and dependent arising nature of body and mind. Unselfish emotions such as compassion, loving kindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity. These help to transform our intentions and develop our emotional well-being. Also they help evolve the mind sufficiently so it is capable of understanding. Yonisomanasikara, or Wise Reflection, which helps to develop the faculty of analytical investigation into the deeper truths and laws governing the body and mind.

Rosemary and Steve Weissman pictured right and left. If you are interested in a retreat at Wat Kow Tahm you can link to their web site by clicking on the picture link on page 3

Wat Kow Tahm Monastery, Rosemary and Steve Weissman Vasu Money Exchange, Sukhumvit Road, Near Nana Sky Train Station, Bangkok