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PDA has pioneered sustainable grassroots endeavours, marked by extensive villager involvement not only as beneficiaries, but also as partners, planners, managers and leaders. PDA’s programs are based on the belief that local people are best suited to be an equal partner in shaping and sustaining their own development. Thirty-one years of PDA’s involvement has created significant change in the following  areas:

     • Health, AIDS & family planning

     • Income generation & poverty reduction

     • Rural micro credit

     • Water & environmental

     • Youth as agents of change today and leaders of      


     • Education & nutrition

     • Corporate social responsibility

     • Emergency relief  services (CBERS)

     • Asian centre for population and community    

        Development (ACPD)

     • NGO sustainability

PDA and its leaders have been recognized internationally by various organizations for their work in making lasting, systemic changes in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Two of our programs have been recognized as Best Practices by UN AIDS, and recently the PBS television special - Rx for Survival - highlighted PDA’s pioneering successes in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention and in the area of changing attitudes and behaviour and delivering services to the rural poor.

Representatives of organizations from nearly 50 countries have come to Thailand to learn from PDA’s successes through PDA’s international training arm. The most recent acknowledgement of PDA’s key contribution came from the World Bank, in November 2005, which estimated that  7,000,000 lives were saved from HIV/AIDS through the intensive public education and prevention program designed and introduced to the public through PDA


Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

Address  6 Sukhumvit  Soi 12  Klongtoey

Bangkok 10110  Thailand

Telephone  (66-2) 2294611  ext. 266 (Thai),  331(Eng.)

Fax  (66-2) 2294632



I have been to the restaurant in Sukhumvit -  Soi 12 in Bangkok. The surroundings are a surprise - its like a little bit of rain forest in the centre of Bangkok. With water features and tropical plants all around. The food & service was first class. It's not cheap but it's not expensive either. But the ambience is well worth paying just a little more for. I have included further address’s of the other restaurants they have, plus the luxury hotel in Pattaya with some photo’s of the resort. If you feel like supporting this worth while cause, while enjoying your holiday....then why not.

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