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Bo Bae Market & Bo Bae Tower, the centre for clothes & textiles in Bangkok, Thailand.

 Benjarong Glass, Sukhumvit Road, Na Na, Bangkok

Among the many markets around Bangkok Bo Bae Market and Bo Bae Tower in Central Bangkok, is an excellent stop for grabbing some great shopping goodies.

Bo Bae is a market famous for cheap garments and is located in central Bangkok. It’s not far from Hua Lamphong, the city’s main railway station. The market located on Krung Kasem Road, east of Banglampoo ( see page 18 Bangkok section )

The market is busy all day but you will see most activity in the early morning. But do not think of visiting for night shopping, it closes around sunset. I visited this market at around 08.00 a.m. and many stalls were packing up, it is a very early start market this one. That being said there were still many stalls selling all manner of items of clothing through out the day.

Bo Bae is mainly a wholesale market, most products being sold by the dozen or more. It’s not really a tourist market but if you have a lot of bulk purchases to make you will not find prices cheaper anywhere else in Bangkok. They sell in terms of dozens, the buyer searches for what they want and then the haggling on the price begins. If you are looking for single items, in specific sizes and colours and an attentive salesperson to help you with your choice, then Bo Bae is not the place to go.

Operating for more than 30 years, it is very popular among the locals as well as tourists, for its inexpensive range of garments and clothing.

Bo Bae Tower - There are more than 700 shops in the tower that is a heaven for Thai merchants, exporters and tourists.

Bo Bae Market Page 1 and Bo Bae Towers
Bo Bae Market Page 1 and Bo Bae Towers

Bo Bae Tower Below

Bo Bae Market Page 2, the centre for clothes in Thailand Bangkok Page 18, Bang Lamphu, Khao San Road, Pin Klao & Video