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Wat Kow Tahm

Rosemary and Steve Weissman

Rosemary and Steve believe that the path of meditation and mental development must be treated as a whole.

If people focus only on a few limited techniques taken out of the context of the whole "way of living" described within Theravadin Buddhism, it will often result in these people not being able to nurture themselves in the multifaceted nature of their experiences with the world and their relationships with others.

Whereas, the path taken as a whole can help liberate us from problems and difficulties, and help us to find more inner peace.

The Buddha is recorded to have given appropriate ways of practice to people from all walks of life. This ranged from people actively involved in the everyday world with home, relationships, and work responsibilities to those devoting their life full-time to the inner journey.

Having been influenced greatly by the many varied examples of how the Buddha taught that have been recorded in the scriptures, Rosemary and Steve attempt to teach what is appropriate and beneficial for their students. They try to follow a simple principle: "You have to use the right medicine for a particular disease. No matter how good the medicine is, if it is not the appropriate one for the disease, then the disease cannot be cured. Continued on page 3

A nun for 51 years, Mae Chee Ahmon, 86, is the guiding force of Wat Kow Tahm Monastery and the overseer of the International Meditation Centre.

This is rare in Thailand, especially women of her generation. Hearing of her sparked Steve and Rosemary's interest in visiting the monastery in 1987. At that time Koh Phangan was much less developed and there was no pier for the boats to dock. People had to get out of the express boat onto a long tail boat and finally wade through knee high water to get ashore. Paved roads were uncommon.

What Rosemary and Steve did not know was that Mae Chee Ahmon had been corresponding with the Abbot of the monastery where they had been staying, before coming to Wat Kow Tahm. She had requested him to send her some "experienced" Western meditators, who speak English, to teach travellers who were coming to her centre wanting to learn meditation. So when they told the Abbot they wanted to go to Koh Phangan for three weeks of meditation he recommended that they visit Wat Kow Tahm and wrote a letter of recommendation to give to Mae Chee Ahmon. Pictured on the left

Wat Kow Tahm, Mountain Cave Monastery, Koh Phan Ngan, Thailand Wat Kow Tahm, Mountain Cave Monastery, International Meditation Centre.