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Wat Kow Tahm

( Mountain Cave Monastery )

Through an overall and balanced mental development practice, we may be able to gain Insight into our own nature and the laws of Nature; developing deep Compassion and Understanding of the origins of difficulties and stress, and how to end them. This Compassionate Understanding may enable us to deal more successfully with all life's situations, whether pleasant or unpleasant, helping us to react to the arising and passing of experience within ourselves and the world in a more balanced way.

Various Buddhist meditation techniques of Mind Development are blended into a basic practice in order to give the meditator many different ways of developing beneficial mind qualities such as Compassion, Patience, Loving kindness, Acceptance, Equanimity, Joy, etc. At the same time these help to lessen attachment to unbeneficial qualities such as anger, hatred, greed, worry, frustration, self-pity, envy, etc.

If we learn a balanced practice, we are able to use whatever is appropriate to deal with the often complex and difficult experiences in life. As we learn to react in a wise way, Peace, Balance and Strength start to be experienced within the purification and development of the mind.

Mike Sansom (b. Australia 1970) did his first retreat with Steve and Rosemary in 1994. He returned to do the 3 / 4 month Seasonal Work Retreat in 1995 and has since participated in most of all work retreats. He has been the manager at Wat Kow Tahm for many years.

Helge Sansom (b. Germany 1968) did her first retreat with Rosemary and Steve in 1999. Later that year, she joined the Seasonal Work Retreat and has participated in nearly all work retreats since then. Both are Assistants at Wat Kow Tahm

Wat Kow Tahm Monastery, Rosemary and Steve Weissman

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