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Royal Thai Armed Forces Page 4, Royal Thai Air Force

Royal Thai Air Force Cont:

During the French-Thai War, the Thai Air Force scored several air-to-air-victories against the Vichy France Armée

de l'Air. During World War II the Thai Air Force supported the Royal Thai Army in its occupation of the Burmese Shan States as allies of the Japanese in 1942 and defended Bangkok from American air attacks during the latter part of the war; individual RTAF personnel also assisted the anti-Japanese resistance. After World War II, the Thai Air Force sent three C-47's to support the United Nations in Korean War. The victorious Wings Unit, operating C-47, also joined the US Force in Vietnam War. Along the border, Thai Air Force launched many campaigns against the communists, such as Ban Nam Ta Airfield Raid in Laos, and clashes between Thai and Vietnamese troops along the Thai-Cambodian border. When the cold war ended, the Thai Air Force participated in Operation Border Post 9631 along the Thai-Burmese border in 1999, and launched the evacuation of Thai’s and foreigners during the 2003 Phnom Penh riots in Cambodia.


Size of Royal Thai Air Force :  315 aircraft of which 184 are combat aircraft.


The Royal Thai Air Force is divided into 4 divisions plus a training school, plus a few direct-reporting units. Each division is then subdivided into wings, with a total 2-3 wings each division.

   * 1st Air Division


   * The 1st Air Division composes of two wings, the 2nd Wing and the 6th Wing.


   * The 2nd Wing is a rotary aviation wing that is used for basic utility needs and transport as well as search and rescue (SAR) operations. This wing is normally based at RTAFB Lop Buri in Lop Buri Province

   * The 6th Wing is a non-combat wing used for a variety of functions including transport, mapping, communications and surveying. This wing is based at RTAFB Don Muang / Bangkok.


   * 2nd Air Division


   * The 2nd Air Division composes of three wings, the 1st Wing, the 21st Wing, and the 23rd Wing.


   * The 1st Wing is an attack wing based at RTAFB Korat in Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

   * The 21st Wing is an attack wing based at RTAFB Ubon Ratchathani in Ubon Ratchathani Province.

   * The 23rd Wing is a light attack wing based at RTAFB Udon in Udon Thani Province.



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