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Talk a little Thai to help you get by Page 2

Talk Thai Page 1

I don’t understand

Mai Ko Jai

I don’t know

Chun mai roo

I don’t like

Chun mai chop

Thank you very much

Kaw’p khun mah’k

What’s your name?

Khun choo ah rai?


Meu ah rai?


Ah rai?

Can I have the bill


Kaw bin doo ay?

Yes, I can

Chai, chun poot



Tum mai?

I am from England

Chun mai jak Angrit

I don’t want to buy,

thank you

Mai ow Krap - for man

Mai ow ka - for lady

My name is......

Do you have a room?

Chan  choo

Me hong mai?

Open window’s media player when prompted. They are saved in WAV format

i dont understand.wav i dont know.wav i don't like.wav thankyou very much.wav whats your name.wav when.wav what.wav can i have the bill please.wav yes i can.wav why.wav i am from england.wav i dont want to buy for man.wav i dont want to buy for lady.wav my name is.wav do you have a room.wav Talk Thai Page 3