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Places of Interest around Nakhon Si Tammarat, Thailand

The Thai-style monks’ residence of Wat Wang Tawan Tok is on Ratchadamnoen Road in the area said to be opposite Wang Tawan Ok, the retreat of Chao Chom Prang. Formally a park, Chao Phraya Nakhon (Noi) donated Wang Tawan Ok and the park opposite it to a temple, now known as Wat Wang Tawan Tok. In 1888, Phra Khru Kachat (Yong) and his disciples built a group of houses for monks. The three houses have a pointed roof connected to the other and there are exquisite Nakhon Si Thammarat designs on the walls, doors, windows, and vents. The Siam Architects Society named these houses the best conservation effort in the area of historical sites and temples in 1992.

Wat Chai Na Meditation Centre  is on Phatthanakan Thung Prang Road. Meditation courses are held for Thais and foreigners. The famous monk Phutthathat Bhikkhu established the centre as a branch of his monastery in Surat Thani. The centre is peaceful with an abundance of shady trees.

Chinese buildings at Wat Pradu and Wat Chaeng  is on Ratchadamnoen Road near the provincial stadium. Built in the early Rattanakosin period, they house the ashes of Phraya Nakhon and believed to also have the ashes of King Taksin the Great.

Chedi Yak is the province’s second-tallest pagoda after Phra Borom That pagoda. It is located near Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality in the abandoned Wat Chedi area. It is said that the pagoda was built by Khotkhiri, a wealthy Mon, and his employees when they took refuge in the city in 1003.

Residence of Ok Ya Sena Phimuk (Yamada Nagamasa)  who was Japanese volunteer soldier living in the Ayutthaya period during the reign of King Songtham. He was rewarded for his many contributions to the palace by being appointed Ok Ya Sena Phimuk and as the lord of Nakhon Si Thammarat in 1629. Traces of his home still exist in the area of the Thai restaurant on Nang Ngam Road (besides the provincial hall).

Shadow play house of Suchat Sapsin  is at 10/18 Si Thammasok Road, Soi 3. Suchat Sapsin received the 1996 Thailand Tourism Awards for the best cultural and historical site. The house has a shadow play museum, shadow play-making demonstrations and complete performances. Visitors can appreciate this fascinating art by calling tel. 346394.

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