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Chao Phraya Express Boat, single screw and twin screw Boats

Chao Phraya Express boats operate mainly two types of boats; all of them are built mainly of wood.

Single-screw boat: They are able to hold around 90-120 people at the same time. It is around 26-32m long, depending on the amount of wood in the time it is built, and about 2.7m wide. Area on the back of the boat (painted yellow on the floor) is normally restricted only for embarking/disembarking passengers, but some people like to stand there when the boat is highly crowded. There are two 2-step stairs on each side of boat connecting the yellow pad on the back to the passenger area inside the boat, while the middle area between those stairs is non-functioning on-board toilet. The engine room with the appearance of large wood box, is located inboard in the centre line of the boat before the seating area, which is two on the left and another two on the right and an aisle passing in the middle. On the later-built boats, the roof over the engine room till the middle section of the boat is raised higher for extra headroom because most standing passengers on crowded boats are standing there, and this design will apply with all another boats that will be built later in company's shipyards in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. This type of boats operate all no-flag, orange-flag, and green-yellow flag trips. This also serves off-peak direction trips of yellow-flag routing. The fleet has about 43 boats of this type in service.

Twin-screw boat: Holds around 120 to 180 people. These wooden boats are as dramatic in appearance as the most rakish modern catamarans. Unlike the single-screw boat, the boat driver is in its small pod above passenger deck, similar to a cockpit on board a Boeing 747 airliner, giving views for passenger in the front most row and a public access to the boat's front deck for person who desired to watch a view from the boat's front without any obstruction ( except Thai national flag ). It is about 30-40m long and about 5-7m wide. Unlike a single-screw boat, it has seating area entire the boat, while most seating is in front of engines. Engine rooms are placed lower than those single-screw, and some passengers prefer to sit on it when it is crowded. There are 8 seats behind each engines. There are two aisle in the seating area in front of engines and 3 aisles behind the engines. There are two toilets, one on the port and another on the starboard, located in front of each engine. It serves as yellow-flag express boats in peak hours, and serves as tourist boats in off-peak hours. The fleet has about 14 boats of this type in service.

All seats on board all boats have individual life jackets and there are some floating loops around the boat that can be used in case of emergency.

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