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Thai Airways, the Mandates, the Policies



The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai.


1. To offer domestic and international air travel and related services that are safe, convenient, and of quality to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.


2. To be committed to international standards of management efficiency, transparency, and integrity, and to achieve satisfactory operating results to maximize benefits for our shareholders.


3. To create a suitable working environment and offer appropriate salaries and wages as an incentive for staff to learn and work to the fullest of their potential and to take pride in their contribution to the company's success.


4. To be socially responsible, as the national airline.


As the national airline, the company represents the Kingdom of Thailand in protecting and augmenting the country's aviation rights and participates in promoting and developing the tourism industry as means of generating additional income both in Thai baht and foreign currencies. The company also encourages its human resources to acquire new skills and attain international standards of professionalism.

Thai Airways contributes to the advancement of all types of technology related to the world's commercial aviation industry. Finally, the company aims to play a part in spreading awareness around the world of the uniqueness of Thai culture, its customs, and traditions.

Environment Policy

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, as the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand and one of the world leading airlines, is fully aware of its role and responsibility towards the nation and society in environmental conservation.  The Company has continued to ensure that overall business operations and processes involved produce minimum environmental impact.  It allows THAI to offer products and services to customers that are environmentally friendly while achieving the Company's vision of being "The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai".  THAI has, therefore, established environmental policies as follows: -


1. To develop environmental management systems to meet international standards to ensure that all activities and operations are in accordance with the standard and related environmental rules and regulations

2. To develop and promote environmental management systems to be applied to all the Company's activities to reduce pollution and environmental impact on a continual basis, with clear objectives, action plans and evaluation procedures


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