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3. To incorporate environmental impact considerations in every process of all the Company's activities and operations, starting from design, purchasing, production and service delivery.  Resources should be used effectively and to provide the highest benefit for the Company and society

4. To increase environmental awareness among employees through training programs to ensure that the Company's environmental systems are effectively carried out

5. To provide support towards environmental protection programs including giving accurate news and information to staff, customers and the public and private sector to enhance better understanding on the Company's efforts towards environmental preservation and conservation.

All functions are required to adapt these policies to determine the objectives, goals and guidelines of their respective functions in order accomplish the Company's objective.


The company pledges to operate fairly and ethnically protecting its rightfully- earned profits and appreciating the importance of its staff as valuable resources and representatives of the company. All our employees have a role to play in contributing to the company's success.

Thai Airways, the policy of the Airline

To achieve the goals above, the company has the following set of general business ethics as well as instructions and warnings specific to the various employee positions throughout the organization :

1. Treat all clients and business associates fairly and honestly and protect the interests of all our customers.

2. Be politically impartial for the sake of the nation and society.

3. Run our business on the basis of fair competition.

4. Support the efficient use of domestic resources while preserving natural resources and the environment.

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Thai Airways awaiting flight back to London, taken at Don Muang Airport 2005

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