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Udon Thani Province, Places to see and visit

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park -  It displays the civilisation of mankind and changes in landscape of which structure is mostly composed of sandstone having been eroded by nature to become rock formations of different sizes and patterns. There are various interesting places as evidence of human life in the past:

Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok  -  This Buddha’s footprint, built during 1920 – 1934. The plant was abundant in the area where the Buddha’s footprint was found, so it has become the name of the place, or the name may originate from the words “Bo Bok, which mean not being dry.

Phra Phutthabat Lang Tao -  This Buddha’s footprint is around 25 cm deep in the rocky ground and has a lotus image carved in relief in the centre. Since it is behind a stone shelter that looks like a turtle (Tao), the footprint is called Phra Phuttabat Lang Tao.

Caves and Stone Shelters -  These caves were presumed to be a shelter of people in the Stone Age, and they drew figures of things, such as humans, hand, animals, and geometric designs, found in the caves. Stone shelters beautifully created by nature include Khok Ma Thao Barot, Ho Nang Usa, and Bo Nam Nang Usa.

Phra Phutthabat Bua Ban -  This is a site where there is an ancient Buddha’s footprint housed in the Ubosot (ordination hall). Many pieces of Bai Sema (boundary stone) were excavated here.

Wat Pa Ban Kho -  Here, there is Phra Maha That Chedi Chaloem Barami Phra Nawamin, a pagoda that contains Lord Buddha’s relics. The temple is ideal for practitioners of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings).

Na Yung – Nam Som National Park - This national park is located in Ban Sawang, Mu 2, Tambon Na Yung. Attractions of the park are:

Namtok Yung Thong -  This waterfall is located on the ridge of Mount Phu Phan and Mount Phu Ya U, around 500 m from the park headquarters. Its stream flows along attractive complicated boulders amid the greenery of trees.

Pha Daeng Viewpoint -  is a high steep sandstone cliff overlooking a beautiful panoramic view. Not far from Pha Daeng, there is a small cave where Luang Pu Man Phurithatto used to stay for insight development.

Ban Chiang National Museum -  It is an important historical site of Northeast Thailand and Southeast Asia. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) registered the site as a World Heritage Site of history at Carthage. The museum is divided into three parts:

Wat Pho Si Nai Excavation Pit -   This features an open museum, the first of its kind in Thailand. There is a permanent exhibition of archaeological excavation to witness art objects in layers of soil; most of them are earthenware being buried with the corpses.


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