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A drive round a Rural village in Udon Thani, this village is typical of the many village’s around Thailand

Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Borommaratchachonnani Building -  This building displays an exhibition of Ban Chiang which was once brought to display in the United States and Singapore. The exhibition has the two segments: Ban Chiang in the Past, and Today’s Ban Chiang.

Ban Thai Phuan - This area is an ancient site where archaeological excavation was conducted and many ancient objects were found.

Kham Chanot - This sacred place gains respect from villagers in neighbouring areas. It is said to be an entrance to the water world, a legendary place concerning the great Naga (serpent). Inside, there is a shrine of Chaopu Sisuttho and a sacred well for worship.

Phrathat Don Kaeo or Phra Maha That Chedi - It is an angular pagoda resembling Phrathat Phanom, with a height of over 18 wa. The main body was built into two tiers: each has sculptures of Lord Buddha’s history and heaven – hell story.

Namtok Than Ngam Forest Park -  Around Than Ngam Waterfall is Mixed Deciduous Forest; major species are Ta baek, Pradu, Daeng, Makha mong, Chingchan, and Krabok. The waterfall contains water at certain times; there is a lot of water during the rainy season.

Pakho National Forest Reserve. It is considered as one of the best nature study centres of the Northeast region.

Wang Sam Mo Forest Park - Most of the area is a plain being covered with Pa Daeng or Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Yang, and Ta khian thong. There are creeks and islets where water flows all year round. Wild animals found are Malayan flying lemur, palm civet, civet, green pigeon, etc. Interesting places include:

Tham Sing - Attractions inside the cave are:

Sam Ton Mak - This is an area where a lot of betel palm trees grow. During the rainy  season, the area is always flooded. Villagers usually take their cattle to lap water here.

Lan Thap Khwai - This is a broad ground with a roof-shaped rock formation and surrounding wild plants. Lan Thap Khwai literally means a cattle rest ground. In the old days, villagers brought their cattle to feed and took shelter here for a lunch break.

Tham Khok Ma -   This stable cave is a shelter of overlapping rock formations with a hole that a person can walk through. Its name relates to the legend of Usa-Barot.

Tham Ruesi - This hermit cave features a boulder of 2.20 m high with an entrance in the shape of a shelter of overlapping rock formations.

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