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Udon Thani air base USAF use during the war

USAF Use During The Vietnam War

Udon was a front-line facility of the United States Air Force (USAF) during the Vietnam War from 1964 through 1975. The USAF forces at Udon were under the command of the United States Pacific Air Forces (PACAF).

The APO for Udon was APO San Francisco, 96237

USAF Aircraft stationed at Udon were: A-1E, AC-47D, B-26, B-57B, C-46, C-47, C-123, C-130, CH-3, CH-53, EC-47, F-4D/E, F-102, F-104, HH-3C, H-53, H-60, RB-66, RC-121, RF-4C, RF-101C, O-1, OV-1, P-2, T-28, U-10, U-23

Advisory Use (1964 - 1966)

The first USAF unit assigned at Udon Royal Thai Air Force was the 333d Air Base Squadron in October 1964. Before the formation  of the squadron, support personnel were provided by temporary duty personnel from the 35th Tactical Group at Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base.

On 18 July 1965, the 333 rd Air Base Squadron was re designated the 623 2nd Combat Support Group (CSG). This unit reported directly to the Commander, 13th Air Force and to the 623 4th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, at that time the only tactical wing in Thailand.

The formation of the group at Udon RTAFB was brought about because of expanding Air Force programs., an increase in assigned personnel and increased base support requirements. Most personnel at Udon RTAFB, prior, to the formation of the group, were temporary duty assignments. Shortly before the group was activated a gradual input of permanent party personnel was made to replace those on temporary duty.



F-104 Starfighter’s on the 15th November 1965 the 623 2nd CSG was given the responsibility of reporting directly to the Deputy Commander 2nd Air Division/13th Air Force rather than directly to the Commander, 13th Air Force. The 623 2nd CSG was re designated the 630th Combat Support Group on 8th April 1966, with a reporting responsibility to the Deputy Commander, 7th Air Force/13th Air Force (7/13AF), headquartered at Udon RTAFB.


On the 6th June 1966 the 476th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing at George AFB, California deployed eight F-104C’s to carry out escort and bombing missions with the gun-less F-4Cs. An additional 12 F-104C’s joined the 8th TFW on 22nd July.


The 8th TFW F-104’s were initially involved in escort missions in support of F-105D strike aircraft hitting targets in North Vietnam. They were involved in escorts of EF-105F Wild Weasel. One problem was that the F-104C’s were not initally equipped with electronic countermeasures gear, and had to rely on F-105’s for warnings of lock-ons from enemy radar facilities. However, once again the mere presence of these F-104C’s managed to keep enemy MiG's away from the strike aircraft.


The F-104C’s carried out escorting and bombing missions on North Vietnam, with over 5,290 sorties. The Air Force decided to replace these F-104C’s by more efficient McDonnell F-4D Phantoms starting in July of 1967. The last Starfighter left Thailand later that month.

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