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Udon Thani Province, Air base use during the Vietnam war

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432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, on 18th September 1966, the 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW) was organized and the 630th CSG was placed under the new wing and re designated the 432nd CSG. Known squadrons of the 432nd TRS were:

11th Tactical Reconnaissance (25th Oct 1966 - 5th Nov 1970) (RF-4C Tail Code: OO Black Tail Stripe)

20th Tactical Reconnaissance (18th Sep 1966 - 20th Oct 1967) (RF-101)

14th Tactical Reconnaissance (28th Oct 1967 30th Jun 1975) (RF-4C Tail Code: OZ Red Tail Stripe)

13th Tactical Fighter (20 Oct 1967 30th Jun 1975) (F-4C/D Tail Code: OC Blue Tail Stripe)

555th Tactical Fighter (28th May 1968 5th Jul 1974) (F-4D Tail Code: OY Green Tail Stripe)

421st Tactical Fighter (31st Oct 72 - Aug 73) (F-4E Tail Code: UD Green Tail Stripe)

58th Tactical Fighter (29th Apr 72 - 14th Oct 72) (F-4E Tail Code: ED)

307th Tactical Fighter (29th Jul 72 - 28th Oct 72) (F-4E Tail Code: ZF)

308th Tactical Fighter (9th May 72 - 29th Jul 72) (F-4E Tail Code: ZF)

414 th Tactical Fighter (June 72 - Fall 72) (F-4D Tail Code: WZ)

523 rd Tactical Fighter (9th Apr 72 - 25th Oct 72) (F-4E Tail Code: PN)

7th Airborne Command and Control (1 Mar 1968 - 15 Apr 1972) (C-130)

4th Special Operations: (October 1969 - 29th December 1970)

(2 AC-47D Tail Code: OS), 4 C-47, 1 AC-119G)

RF-4C of the 14th Tactical Recon Squadron

AC-47D Gunship 43-0010 of the 4th Special Operations Squadron - June 1970

F-4D 65-0683 of the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron - 20 Jan 1972

The mission of the wing was to provide intelligence information about hostile forces through tactical reconnaissance and use its fighter elements to destroy the targets earmarked by the intelligence data provided. The wing had numerous missions in the support area also. As the command base for 7/13AF in Thailand, Udon RTAFB played a lead role in accomplishing the objectives of the United States in fulfilling its policy in Southeast Asia.

On the 30th October 1967, the 20th TRS RF-101 squadron was deactivated and replaced by another RF-4C squadron, the 14th TRS. These two squadrons accounted for more than 80 percent of all reconnaissance activity over North Vietnam.

Besides the two RF-4C squadrons, the wing also had a tactical fighter squadron component. The 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron was transferred from the 388th TFW at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base. A F-105 squadron at Korat, the 13th TFS was transferred to Udon flying F-4Ds due to the high attrition rate the F-105 squadrons were suffering. The 13th TFS flew strike missions over North Vietnam, and its pilots were credited with two MIG's kill.

The 555th TFS joined the 13th on 28th May 1968 with F-4Ds, transferring from the 8th TFW at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. Lastly, the 421st TFS was transferred from the 366th TFW at Da Nang Air Baseon 31 October 1972.

On 31st October 1968, the 7th Airborne Command and Control Squadron, which had been assigned as a temporary duty unit from Da Nang Air Base, became part of the 432nd wing.

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