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Samut Prakan page 4 Video's of Bang Nam Phung Market

Wat Klang Worawihan -  It is a second-class royal temple of the late Ayutthaya period. A mandapa or mondop was constructed to house ‘Phra Phutthabat Si Roi’ – the Four Buddha’s Footprints – with a gable decorated with stucco relief's and Bencharong crockery.

Wat Asokaram - ( see write up and pictures on this on pages 33 / 34 in this section )As one of the province’s major temples, it has many spots of interest such as Phra Thutangkhachedi (Dhutangachedi) which is a complex of 13 Chedi, and Wihan Wisuthithammarangsi, a 3-storey building with four porches and a superstructure in the form of a mondop.

Fort Chulachomklao - ( see video on page 4 and larger  feature on pages 26 / 27 / 28 ) This is a modern fort that once played a significant role in protecting the sovereignty of the Thai nation in a historic fight in 1893. There are many spots of interest inside the fort complex including:

King Rama V the Great Monument - A graceful monument of King Rama V the Great in the uniform of a naval general holding a sword in both hands here you will find the warship


HTMS Mae Klong Museum  -  The Royal Thai Navy’s warship with the longest service period of 60 years discharged for deterioration by  the Ministry of Defence and conserved to be a museum.

Erawan Museum and the Ancient City - see under A  to E items for separate write up on this attraction.

Phra Samut Chedi  -  The Chedi was constructed under the royal command of King Rama II. The Chedi contains the Buddha’s relic and images of the Buddha Pacifying the Ocean and Phra Chai Wat.

City  Pillar Shrine ( See page 40 for further details ) -  The city pillar holds a distinctive aspect in that it has an image of the God Ganesha on top.

Phra Suea Muang Shrine -  Located at Tambon Talat, the shrine was constructed exactly at the same period as Phra Pradaeng town and is much revered by local people.

Phlaeng Faifa Fort -  Part of the fort is in perfect condition and used to be a fort of Nakhon Khuean Khan, an old town fortified by several forts that were once a naval base on the Chao Phraya River estuary during the reign of King Rama I.

Wat Phaichayonphonsep Ratchaworawihan -  The temple contains a magnificent Phra Ubosot and Phra Wihan as well as a principal gilded stucco image of the Buddha Subduing Mara enshrined.

King Rama V  the Great Monument  -  A graceful monument of King Rama V the Great in the uniform of a naval general holding a sword in both hands.

Wat Prot Ket Chettharam -  It is the only Thai-buddhist temple in Phra Pradaeng as other temples within the area are Mon-Buddhist. Wat Prot Ket was built by Phraya Phetphichai (Ket) during the reign of King Rama II in a Chinese architecture style, without the traditional Thai style roof decorations.

Si Nakhon Khuean Khan Public and Botanical Park  -  It was established as a public park for recreational and exercising purposes as well as for studying the ecological system of the local flora and fauna.



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