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Ban Dong Lakhon Archeological Site  -  It is the site of the location of the old town during the Khmer period. Artefacts discovered in this are include; an elaborate gold head of a Buddha image about the size of a fingertip, crab and elephant ring-stamps, bronze ring, glass beads, rock beads, and bronze ear-rings.


37th Quartermaster Infantry of Japanese Military Memorial  -  The Friend of Asian Alliance War Association built the memorial in 1992 to honour the 7,920 Thai soldiers who were recruited into the Japanese 37th Quartermaster Infantry that died in the war.


Namtok Sarika ( see page 2 this province ) - is the most famous waterfall of Nakhon Nayok. The waterfall cascades down in nine levels, of which the top level is 200 metres up. Each level (of nine levels) of the falls have a large basin, which could hold a large amount of water in the rainy season, but it is dried up in dry season. Nearby, there is “Sarika Cave” where the revered monk “Luang Pu Man” resided on his religious missions from 1917-1920.


Lan Rak Falls or Tat Hin Kong Falls  -  The attractive waterfall originates from a small stream passing through a large rocky formation at the end, then flowing strongly through the large rocky formation at the foot of a small hill.


Wang Takhrai - is filled with huge, shady trees and has a small stream running through. There are

also a variety of beautiful species of ornamental flowers and plants.


Nang Rong Falls or Namtok Nang Rong  - The waterfall originates from a source on a high mountain in Khao Yai National Park. It cascades down several levels onto rock formations, flowing through verdant forests


Huai Prue Reservoir - This is a small reservoir by  volume but has a large water surface.

The reservoir is filled all year round and surrounded by an unpaved road.


Sai Thong Reservoir - This small reservoir offers a natural mountainous landscape. The small waterfall

runs throughout the year.



Namtok Ka-ang  -  The water cascades through gaps among large rocks. Nearby, there is a Agriculture Transplanting station of the Forestry Department. In the vicinity is a small hill that enshrines the Buddha image in an attitude of subduing Mara.

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