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Namtok Wang Muang  - The waterfall features cascade through lines upon lines of big boulders and falling to a basin.


Thudongkhasathan Thawon Nimit  -  is a meditation centre of monks, novices, nuns, and the public. There are hundreds of shelters for monks, nuns, and public to practice the Buddhist perceptions.


Namtok Heo Narok  - This is a 3-tiered large waterfall with its first tier at 60 metres high. During the rainy season, there is such a lot of water that the flow is frightening and will drop straight down at 90 degrees to a lower chasm.


Chao Pho Ongkharak Shrine  -  In front of the shrine in the middle of the Nakhon Nayok river, there is a sacred whirlpool, of which the water taken is used in royal ceremonies. When the present king, King Bhumibol Adulyadej ascended to the throne, water from this whirlpool was used during the ceremony.


Ornamental Plants and Floral Centre  -  On this road, especially at the intersection of khlong 15, there are various plant nurseries that grow a large variety of ornamental plants and flora which are sold to every corner of the country.


Sight-seeing by boats: there are tours of canals, visiting fruit orchards and orchid farms, this includes:

Klong (canal) Mahasawat  -  A boat ride to see the fruit farmers at work on two sides of the canal, touring orchards of pomelo, guava, sweet coconut, and orchid farms.


Tha Cheen River  -  is the place to witness natural ambience along the river and conjoining canals.


Fruit orchards along Nakhon Chaisi River (Tha Cheen River)  -  The fruit orchards are located in Tambon Bangchang, Tambon Klong Chinda, and Chinda Market, all of which are renowned for grapes, mangos, sweet coconuts, and rose apples, as well as floral gardens and other ornamental plant gardens. Plants and agricultural products can be bought directly from farmers. There are cruise services available at Samphran District Office (terminal of Bangkok-Samphran line bus), via Chinda canal and Bangchang canal, passing rose apple orchards, coconut orchards, and orchid farms.


Pomelo orchards in Nakhon Chaisi -  Touring of pomelo orchards can be done in Amphoe Nakhon Chaisi


Olan Lake Water Ski - is situated on Buddhamonthon IV road, Tambon Klong Yong-Bang Pasi. It is the centre of various water sports including 5-pole cable ski as well as regular water ski.

Places of Interest around the Province of Nakhon Nayok

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