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Kanchanaburi Province, places to visit here

Kanchanaburi Province, Page 4g, A video of the Death Railway upto Wang Po viaduct Kanchanaburi using drone aerial Photography by Bentree’s Aerial Photgraphy. Kanchanaburi Province page 6, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

Nine Army War History  national park ( Uttayan Haeng Chart Songkram Kao Tab )  - located at Ladya field, Tambon Chongsadao. It’s around 40 kilometres from Kanchanaburi downtown. This place has provided historical evidence of the nine army  war. The nine army war was the war between King Rama I of Thailand and King Padung of Burma. The war ended as a victorious one for Thailand.

In the Sai Yok district, there is a Buddhist Tiger Temple See video Page 10 where tame tigers roam freely once a day. Also in Sai Yok is the Mueang Sing historical park, ruins of a Khmer town and temple, as well as the Sai Yok National Park with the two Sai Yok waterfalls.

Mueang Sing Historical Park  -  is better known as Prasat Mueang Sing  -  The laterite sanctuary  was constructed in the late Lop Buri Period ca. 11th – 13th century A.D. Influenced by ancient Khmer culture, its principal tower is encircled by a laterite wall, moat and earthen mound and was built in a mixture of the folk school of art and Bayon style of King Jayavarman VII’s period in Cambodia.

Hell Fire Pass Memorial Museum -  located within the Division of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Office of Development, Armed Forces Development Command. Established by the Australian Government, it houses a mini-theatre and collection of data, photographs, equipment and utensils used during the construction of the Death Railway.

Sai Yok National Park  -  a park since 1980, most of the area is limestone mountains with mixed deciduous forest. It is a former location of a Japanese camp during WWII as evident from traces of stoves.The park is also home to the world’s smallest species of bat.

Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yanasampanno  -  or commonly called the Tiger Temple is quite a controversial tiger conservation area where various kinds of wild as well as domestic animals live together freely in the nature and are friendly to the monks and visitors.

Erawan National Park  See picture page 9 -  Formerly called Khao Salop National Park  -  it was proclaimed a national park on 19 June, 1975, with an area of 373,735 rai (597,976,000 square metres). Later, its name was changed to Erawan National Park as the highest level of the waterfall, Namtok Erawan, looks like Elephant Erawan’s head.

Khuean Srinagarindra National Park  -  It was announced on 23 December, 1981, to be a national park with an area of 953,500 rai (1,496,800,000 square metres). Interesting tourist attractions include Tham Sawan. Tham Neramit . Tham Nam Mu. Tham Phra Prang . Namtok Huai Mae Khamin.