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Samrong Hospital, Samrong, Samut Prakan, Thailand

October 31st 2000

Samrong Hospital has announced a new policy of providing services to social insurance strictly according to medical considerations. It will provide a high standard of treatment to all patients irrespective of individual financial status, race, sex or age in response to the government's concern regarding health and quality of life of people in the community.

Dr. Siripong Witayalertpanya, Director of Samrong Hospital said,  "Samrong Hospital wants to create a new standard for community hospitals, especially in providing treatment to social insurance patients. The hospital wants to change the image and perception of such patients  that they receive an inferior service to others, when in fact, Samrong Hospital gives equal treatment to all patients, with only medical principles governing treatment. This year, the hospital is able to accept 100,000 social insurance patients. In addition, the hospital has a specific department to provide fast and convenient services to these social insurance patients.

Samrong Hospital has been open for 19 years and is dedicated to transparency in its dealing with those who make use of its services, both patients and companies. The hospital serves communities in Bangna, Samut Prakan province, providing high quality standard services with no demand for payment before treatment. To confirm that it works to recognized  standards the hospital has recently achieved  the ISO 9002 certification from the SGS Institute and is the first community hospital to obtain such certification in the form of the Health mark.

Mr. Sorat Wongphaet, Deputy Director, said  "Another problem of medical administration is providing good service a consistent basis.  Like all organizations we depend on the quality and skill of our personnel. To ensure the continuous development of our staff Samrong Hospital has prepared a Quality Manual, covering standard procedures and working  instructions to cover treatment throughout the hospital. Staff also receive training on a regular Basis."

Receiving ISO 9002 quality certification and the Health mark reflects the international level of the hospitals internal administrative systems and service quality.  Samrong Hospital has developed in many areas, with comprehensive medical equipment, expert personnel, strict safety systems, such as waste separation and infectious waste disposal using a high-standard incinerator to ensure there is no risk to the community.  The hospital has also established a daily health hotline to give medical advice by telephone from specialists," added Mr. Sorat.

Dr. Siripong went on to say, "We are always a sanctuary for patients as we have specialists from all fields and anaesthesiologists enabling us to keep our operating theatres open 24 hours, X-Ray results are reported by computer by radiologists in the case of emergencies. There is also a disease control committee responsible for ensuring operating theatre hygiene, the ICU, newborn babies unit, and patients' convalescence facilities."

Samrong Hospital is a medium sized hospital of 110 beds located in Samut Prakan. It is a hospital with specialists in all disciplines and operates a policy of "transparency, accuracy, and speedy response to patient needs." It provides treatment on strict medical principles, with efficient high standard services resulting in it becoming first hospital to receive ISO 9002 and Health mark Certification in Samut Prakan, Srinakharin and Bangna.

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1748 Sukhumvit 78 North Samrong

Samut Prakan 10270 Thailand Samrong

Samut Prakan, Thailand 10270

Contact : 662-3610070

Fax :        662-7568435

Samrong Hospital above

In the same road as the side entrance to Imperial World below

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