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Kanchanaburi Province River Kwai

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Kanchanaburi doesn’t really have much in the way of good markets or department stores. The shopping places that exist in Kanchanburi include:

The Night Market located near Kanchanaburi Railway Station sells the likes of clothes, shoes, bags, collectables, souvenirs, DVDs and CDs etc.

Kan Superstore in Kanchanaburi Town Centre is just a normal department store with a supermarket.

Tesco Lotus Megastore is on Sang Chuto Road

Birdland Books, situated on River Kwai Road, is Kanchanaburi's largest used book stores. They have books in several different languages. They  also have a branch in Sangkhlaburi.

Provincial Seal of Kanchanaburi Province

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Above and Below picture of a  resort near the River Kwai Bridge