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1. Glong Sabatchai are drums used in all celebratory events, especially in victory.

2. Forn Lep or the Fingernail dance comes from Northern Thailand and is the ancient Lanna Kingdom’s graceful welcome     Dance.

3. Ordination into Monk hood , as a predominantly Buddhist nation, most males enter monk hood to learn the Dharma
    and to practice abstinence . A procession of family and friends, bearing all the meagre possessions  he will need during
    his monk hood, lead the white robed apprentice to the temple where is head is ceremonially shaved before chanting his     vows. Apprentices study for three months, usually once in their lifetime.

4. Muay Thai. Or Thai Boxing is an ancient form of martial arts where fists, elbows, knees and especially feet are used in
    hand to hand combat. Nowadays, matches are fought in a boxing ring. Normally there are five two minute rounds in a
    regular fight. Today, it is an international sport that holds world championship fights in many weight classes.

5. Traditional Arts of self Defence , poles and arm guards are used in ancient battles and experts can use them to deadly
    effect. It originates from Ramayana where the two combatants are actually monkeys.

6. Ancient Thai Swords are relatively short and worn strapped to the back. Sword Fighting predates guns and is highly
    skilled and precise form of self defence. Legends abound where male and female warriors fought side by side in ancient
    battles to stave off invasions on Thai soil to keep Thailand free.

7. A typical Thai wedding starts at sunrise where the groom’s party parade to the bride’s house, singing and dancing along
    the way. The procession bears gifts of food, fruits, sweetmeats, and the dowry which is traditionally in gold. At the
    bride’s house the groom must pass gates of chains set up by the brides relatives to gain access to the bride’s house.
   Once there, his elders discuss the dowry with the bride’s parents and gifts are brought forward, The wedding ceremony
    itself is a simple affair where a special flower garland is placed on the heads of the bride and groom, connecting them
    together. Then, all the relatives and friends bless their union by pouring holy water over their hands and wishing them a
    long and happy marriage. The newly-weds join in the wedding party and there is singing and dancing all round.
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