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Sa Kaeo Province, Places of Interest around the Province

Sa Kaew Sa Khwan -  are twin ponds. Sa Kaew and Sa Khwan have become a symbol of holiness and auspiciousness, as well as the origin of the province’s name. Moreover, the water in these ponds was once utilised in the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony.


City Pillar Shrine - Within the shrine stands the city pillar made of Chaiyaphruek or cassia wood whose characteristics are in accordance with the ancient tradition. This shrine is evidence of the solidarity of the people and a symbol of the loyalty to King Rama IX, as well as, a centre of spirit and unity of the people of Sa Kaew.


Pang Sida National Park -  It comprises steep undulating mountain ranges, moist evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, deciduous dipterocarp forest, savanna, etc. It is also a remaining source of freshwater crocodiles and origin of many rivers and streams. Within the national park, there are many interesting attractions as follows:


Namtok Pang Sida   - It is a three tier waterfall with a height of ten metres. The water drops to the lower large water basin and stone terrace surrounded by shady atmosphere.


Namtok Pha Takhian  - It is the last cataract that shares a similar stream with Namtok Pang Sida. The water is dropping from a 10-metre cliff.


Thungya Pong Krathing   - was originally  an old village which has become an abandoned grass field after the people migrated out from this area. The park has settled an artificial salt lake and an animal observatory tower.


Namtok Tham Khangkhao  - Near the waterfall, there are many bats - Khangkhao ( in the night time ) - in the cave.


Namtok Thap Sungs - a new waterfall of the National Park. Along the way, there is a nature study route, where there are various kinds of plants.


The Viewpoint Spot -  is a wide valley. The surrounding scenery, picturesque sunrises and sunsets can be admired from this spot.


A Group of Khwae Makha Waterfalls - The Khwae Makha Waterfall drops from a 70-metre high cliff. Trekking and camping can be done.


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