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Sa Kaeo Province, More places to see around the Province

Sa Kaeo Province Page 3, Places of Interest around the Province

Phukhao Chedi  -  is an accumulation of rocks with cracks similar to those at Phu Hin Rong Kla. It is four metres high, while its circumference is 25 metres.


Freshwater Crocodiles at Ka eng Yai Mak -  It is a place where freshwater crocodiles have been discovered since 1981 to have remained in the Huai Nam Yen Forest, where there is an observatory tower provided near the National Park’s Po Do 1 (Kaeng Yai Mak) Ranger Station.


Tha Krabak Reservoir  - it is a large reservoir under the Royal Initiative of H.M. the King to improve the irrigation system on the plain in the valley. It is an earth fill dam with a height of 17.5 metres and a length of 720 metres.


Namtok Tha Krabak  - The waterfall comprises three tiers. Each tier is 400 - 500 metres apart from one another.


Khao Chakan - It is a limestone mountain whose ridge is 90 degrees against the north and the south. Its summit is 240 metres above sea level. Khao Chakan is the largest and stands in the middle between Phukhao Ming on the left and Khao Falami on the right. The three mountains are established as the Khao Chakan Arboretum under the supervision of the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora.


Wat Tham Khao Chakan -  It is a temple of the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. There are 72 small caves within the compound of Khao Chakan. The popular ones are Tham Muet, Tham Hanuman, Tham Khao Thalu, Tham Mahahing, Tham Namthip and Tham Kaew Phlai Chumphon. The spot of interest is the replica of the Buddha’s footprint at Tham Khao Thalu.


Khao Sam Sip Reservoir - It is under the supervision of the Khao Chakan Development Project (Ban Khao Sam Sip) under the Royal Initiative.


Khao Chakan Arboretum  - The three mountains are established as Khao Chakan Arboretum under the supervision of the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora. The arboretum is a residence of wild monkeys, as well as, millions of bats flying in long lines in the evening.


Bamboo Ceramic Basketry Village  -  The housewives of this village come together and form a group in the form of a co-operative known as Chai Phatthana Women Cooperative.

Sa Kaeo Province Page 5, Lots more places to visit