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Sa Kaeo Province Page 4, More places to see around the Province

Sa Kaeo Province Page 5, Lots more places to visit

Namtok Khao Takrup -  It is another beautiful waterfall. Along both sides, a variety of plants and birds will be found.


Wang Namyen Hospital  -  is a model hospital, which conducts herbal treatment and healthcare. King Amphoe Wang Sombun


Wangnamyen Dairy Co-operative Limited - It is the second biggest dairy production venue of the country, established in 1987. At present, there are more than 1,000 members and more than 30,000 milk cows with a production capacity for 70 tones of raw milk a day.


Namtok Khao Sip Ha Chan  - It is a very beautiful waterfall due to the large amount of water flowing throughout the year. The surrounding area is abundant with forest and a variety of birds.


Queen Sirikit Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Water Park  - It is a big irrigation reservoir, covering an area of 250 rai, with beautiful scenery of mountains and streams.


Tham Nam  - It is a cave with a running stream throughout the year. Inside these caves are beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Moreover, there is a small waterfall inside the cave.


Chong Klam Bon Wildlife Breeding Station  - This station is an office under the supervision of the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora, established in 1983 under the Royal Initiative of H.M the Queen, to be a breeding station for rare and endangered animals. It is also a research station on the wildlife, providing knowledge and understanding on wild animals.


Phra Prong Dam  -  is the largest irrigation dam in Sa Kaew. Most of the area is forest within the compound of the Pang Sida National Park, which has become flooded, making its scenery beautiful.


Luangpho Thong or Phrakhru Rattana Sarathikhun  -  is a monk of Wat Sa Kaew, Mueang District, Sa Kaew. The monk uses his medical skills to treat and cure sick people, as well as, is a developer. Therefore, he has been widely respected among the people of Sa Kaew and nearby provinces who come to pay  respect and ask for their prosperous lives.

Sa Kaeo Province Page 6, and places to go and see