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Sa Kaeo Province Page 7, so much to do and see here

Sa Kaeo Province, products from around the Province

Khao Lam  - sticky rice in bamboo stick, both with and without the Thai custard stuffing, is cooked at Ban Phrao, Khong Khlong Hat Road, Watthana Nakhon District.


Cantaloupes  - The distinguishing point of Sa Kaew’s cantaloupes are its sweetness and crispness which exceeds those of other places.


Silk of Ban Han Sai  -  is mainly produced at Han Sai Village, Han Sai Sub-district, Aranyaprathet District. It is a hand-woven fabric in traditional patterns with delicacy and uniqueness.


Basketry  - includes various forms of bamboo fish traps and containers such as Sai, Krachang, Takhong, and Lop, as well as, sieves, winnowing baskets, and different forms of container baskets.


Bamboo Ceramics - are the ceramic and wooden products wrapped with bamboo basketry. The products include vases and ash trays.


Wooden Products  -  Wang Nam Yen District has been a famous production venue of Makha Mong - Afzelia xylocarpa - wooden products for a long time. It is also the main occupation of the locals as a family business. Most products are made of Makha Mong, Phayung – Siamese Rosewood, Chingchan – Rosewood, Pradu – Burma Padauk, and constructed into furniture such as dining tables, chairs, make-up desks, clocks, tissue boxes, and decorating accessories.


Suan Siriphon  -  is situated at 129 Mu 4, Sa Kaew – Chanthaburi Road, Wang Nam Yen District. The sweet tamarinds and seasonal fruits such as mangoes and santols.


Antiques and Used Objects - are products made of brass, wood, and ceramic. Most of them are replicas of the arts and patterns of ancient objects found at the frontier such as terra cotta Buddha images, god images in various stone Prasats.


I Koi Wine  - is Thai herbal wine, a product of Ta Phraya District. I Koi is a kind of wild grape. It is a vine similar to a grape but its leaves are brown. Its fruits are in bunches similar to grapes, the younger ones are green or brown, but are not edible. Only  the full ripen ones can be eaten. They  will be dark brown with a sour taste and high Vitamin C.


The Sa Kaew Ban Rao Network Cooperation and Development Centre  - coordinates the network of organisations in the community and offers both retail and wholesale Thai intellectual products.


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