Chanthaburi Province Page 1, about the Province and Provincial Seal
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Chanthaburi Province, about it & the Provincial Seal

Chanthaburi  is a province (changwat) of Thailand. It is located in the east of Thailand, at the border to Battambang and Pailin of Cambodia and the shore to the Gulf of Thailand. The neighbouring provinces are Trat in the east and Rayong, Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Sa Kaeo.

The word Chantha originates from the Sanskrit word Chandra meaning moon, and the word buri from Sanskrit Puri meaning town or city. Therefore, the province name literally means Moon City.

After the Paknam crisis in 1893 the French colonist troops occupied Chanthaburi, returning it in 1905 when Thailand gave up ownership of the western part of Cambodia. A significant minority of Chanthaburi citizens are native Vietnamese, who came there in three waves - first in the 19th century during an anti-Catholic persecution in Cochin China, a second wave came in the 1920's to 1940's fleeing from French Indo-china, and a third one after the communist victory in Vietnam in 1975. Thus the town of Chanthaburi is the seat of a Bishop of Chanthaburi since 1944.

The provincial seal shows the moon surrounded by an aura. Inside the moon disc is a rabbit, as in Thai tradition the dark areas on the moon (Maria) form a rabbit shape.

The seal symbolizes the peace and tranquility of the province. The moon also refers to the province name, which mean City of Moon.

The flag of the province also shows the seal in the middle - a white rabbit on the yellow moon disc, on a blue disc. The background of the flag is red, with the name of province in yellow written below the seal.

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