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Chanthaburi Province Places of Interest around the Province

King Taksin the Great Shrine -  The shrine is a nonagonal building with a roof taking the shape of a royal hat with a pointed spire constructed in 1920 A.D. It houses a statue of King Taksin the Great to whom many people come to pay respect each day.

City Pillar Shrine  ( see picture on right ) - The shrine is assumed to have been originally

built of laterite though it is unknown how it looked like. The present shrine and city pillar were

constructed in 1981 and have undergone restoration.

King Taksin the Great Monument  ( see picture right ) -  The monument of King Taksin the Great

accompanied by  his four trusted soldiers in memorial of the historic liberation of the Kingdom

of Ayutthaya is situated on an islet in the middle of the swamp.

Si Chan Road  - is the commercial area and centre of gem business. Even though actual gem

mining in the province is not as extensively as it used to be, Chanthaburi remains a major centre

for gem dealings with stones from neighbouring countries and abroad being bought and sold.

Wat Phai Lom  - Concerning the architecture, the building is surrounded by a boundary wall in four directions with an entrance on each side. Behind the temple, there is a corridor supported by five pillars without decorative capitals. The building’s base line is straight, and there is a pagoda with twelve-re dented corners within the wall.

The Catholic Church Chanthaburi  ( see picture right ) -  According to history, the construction of this old

and large Catholic Church took 275 years to complete. It was built into the Gothic

architecture with beautiful stained glass decorations depicting Christian saints.

Wang Suan Ban Kaeo  - The palace used to be a royal residence of Queen Rambhai Barni, the Royal

Consort of King Rama VII. It also served as the Queen’s office and demonstration centre where

plants were grown and animals raised for the local people.

Chanthaburi Province Page 8, places of Interest around the Province
Chanthaburi Province Page 8, places of Interest around the Province
Chanthaburi Province Page 8, places of Interest around the Province
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