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Chanthaburi Province, more places of Interest

Wat Phlap  - The hall was also used as the place to hold the Ceremony of Murathaphisek or making sacred water - water for pouring over the king’s head in the coronation ceremony or other royal rituals - at the beginning of the Chakri Dynasty. Furthermore, behind the temple, there used to be a “Sam Sang”, an ancient crematorium which is believed to have remained only in this temple.


Wat Thong Thua  - is the site of an ancient Bot which was built over a Khmer-style temple. It also has a large collection of ancient Khmer sculptures. Nearby is the Mueang Phaniat archaeological site with its remains of laterite base of a large Khmer religious sanctuary and moats marking the town limit the south.Boran Sathan Mueang Phaniat. It is assumed that this monument might be the original settlement of Chanthaburi City in an early age, about a thousand years ago. Nowadays, only a ruined sandstone wall and an unidentified earth mound with a height of about 1 - 3 metres remains.


Wat Bot Mueang  -  It is believed to have been constructed in the late Ayutthaya period as evident from its white sandstone boundary markers as well as ordination hall (Phra Ubosot) and Ceylonese bell-shaped Chedi. The temple also houses a lintel of the late Baphuon style (967–1080 A.D.) depicting the God Indra on his Airavata elephant in a niche.


King Taksin Shipyard  - or Samet Ngam Shipyard  -  From underwater archaeological excavations and examination, several rectangular dock-like areas were found along the shore as well as parts of an old ship believed to be a three-masted Chinese junk using a rudder and measuring 24 metres long and 5 metres wide.


Boran Sathan Khai Noen Wong  - The camp space contains an area of the Underwater Archaeology Unit, Fine Arts Department, a storage place of artefacts and pottery taken from the Australian Tide Ship, which trespass Thailand’s waters in the Gulf of Thailand to illegally transport antiques out of the country.


Panichnavee National Museum  -  Located within Noen Wong Fort, the 2-storeyed twin building puts on an exhibition on Thai merchant marine as evidenced by over 20 years of underwater archaeological studies.


Chedi Yot Khao Phloi Waen  - The round Ceylonese-style Chedi contains the Lord Buddha’s relic. There is also a Mondop housing the Buddha’s footprint built in 1928 to replace the original one that had been broken.


Wat Takat Ngao -  It contains a scripture hall or Ho Trai built in the middle of a pond by an artisan of the royal school toward the end of King Rama III’s reign.

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