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Places of interest around Chanthaburi Province

Khao Laem Sing Forest Park -  It covers a total land and marine area of 9,500 rai, including dry evergreen forest and beach forest which are home to important flora and fauna. Marine life can be found on beaches and islands.


Khao Laem Sing  -  a small hill located 172 metres above sea level, with a pile of rocks that looks like a crouching lion at the front and that gave it the name Khao Laem Sing or the hill of a lion cape.


In front of Ao Krathing is Koh  Nom Sao -  which covers an area of about 150 rai of wild and densely growing plants. There are steep cliffs in the south, and beaches and coral reefs of some 500 metres long ideal for diving in the north.


Hat Khung Wiman -  Located 50 Kilometres from Chanthaburi in Amphoe Na Yai Am.


Laem Sadet–Ao Khung Kraben  - Ao Khung Kraben also accommodates the royally - suggested Ao Khung Kraben Development Study Centre which won the Thailand Tourism Awards 2002. The centre is responsible for research and study for appropriate development guidelines of Chanthaburi’s shoreline.


Ao Khung Kraben Non-hunting Area -  The area suffered deforestation 40 years ago and has just recently seen pioneer plants. There are four types of forest within the area; namely, dry evergreen forest, mixed deciduous forest, beach forest and mangrove forest.


Hat Chao Lao  -  Located 19 Kilometres from Amphoe Tha Mai next to Hat Laem Sadet.


Laem Sadet Arboretum  -  25 Kilometres from Amphoe Tha Mai, the picturesque small beach is shady with pine trees and several beach plants.


Khao Chamao–Khao Wong National Park  -  the headwater of Lam Nam Prasae–Rayong’s principal river, covering a total area of about 83 square kilometres in Amphoe Khao Chamao, Rayong Province, and Amphoe Kaeng Hang Maeo, Chanthaburi Province.


Ban Samet Ngam Chanthabun Mat Weaving Centre  -  located at Tambon Nong Bua, Amphoe Mueang Chanthaburi, seven Kilometres from the provincial city. The villagers usually weave mats out of their harvesting season. The centre also puts on exhibition various steps of reed mat weaving as well as their traditional designs.

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