Chanthaburi Province Page 11, places to see and visit
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Chanthaburi Province , places to see and visit

Tham Khao Wong - surrounded by limestone mountains and evergreen forest which is a habitat of Chan Pha (Dracaena loureiri Gagnep.)–an endangered species of wild animal. More than 80 caves have been discovered in this area with a complex of some 20 connected caves divided into three zones.


Wat Khao Sukim - The objective of the temple is to be used as a meditation venue. The temple also houses a large collection of religious items and valuable antiques donated by the public. On display are wax sculptures of over 20 Buddhist monks highly revered by the public.


Khao Khitchakut National Park  - Its moist evergreen forests, hill evergreen forest as well as deciduous forest abound in various herbs, wild orchids, and the rare eaglewood. Its mountainous area provides home for copious wild animals. Places of interest within the national park include:


Namtok Krathing  -  a large 13-tiered waterfall originating from the Khitchakut Range. There are bamboo forests and various plant species along the way, with a blanket of moss and ferns on both sides. There is also a large beach formed by sand washed down by a flash flood in 1999.


Yot Khao Phrabat -  Interesting spots on top of Khao Phrabat are formed by geological phenomena and related to Buddhist legends such as Sila Chedi, the Buddha’s footprint, stone in the shape of an overturned alms bowl, Tham Ruesi or hermit cave, God Indra’s carriage racing ground, and stones in the shape of a giant turtle and elephant.


Namtok Khlong Chang Se -  located some ten Kilometres from the national park’s headquarters on the way up the Khao Phrabat. It is a circular nature trail starting from the Safeguard Unit.


Namtok Khlong Krasan -  a large waterfall amid shady surroundings located near Safeguard Unit two (Khlong Phaibun) eight Kilometres from the national park’s headquarters.


Chanthaburi Herbal Garden -  an agency under the Medical Science Department, Ministry of Public Health, located 25 Kilometres from Chanthaburi provincial town.


Khiri Than Dam -  is a multi-purpose dam for electricity generation, irrigation, fishery, as well as, prevention and alleviation of floods in the rainy season. Its highest altitude for water is 205 metres from sea level, with a carrying capacity of about 76 million cubic metres.


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