Chanthaburi Province Page 12, Cambodian Border area
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Chanthaburi Province, Cambodian Border

Chong Phakkat Thai-Cambodian Border Market -  located at Ban Khlong Yai, Mu 4 Tambon Khlong Yai, 30 Kilometres from Pong Nam Ron District Office, 20 Kilometres from Pailin and 68 Kilometres from Preah Tabong in Cambodia.


Ban Laem Thai-Cambodian Border Market  -  ( See also Cambodian Visa Run in A  to E items )

located at Ban Laem, Mu 4 Tambon Thep Nimit, 46 Kilometres from Pong Nam Ron District Office.

Cambodian side looking towards  Ban Laem Market on the Thai side


Namtok Hin Dat  - The 12-tiered waterfall is surrounded by an intact evergreen forest, with

its 9th-12th tiers being especially breathtaking.


Namtok Khao Soi Dao  -  The waterfall has 16 tiers with a large swarm of butterflies ideal for butterfly watching and plant study.


Wat Mangkon Buppharam or Wat Leng Hua Yi  -  There is a reception hall and ordination hall, decorated with mosaics in different beautiful patterns.


Namtok Phlio National Park - covering a total area of 84,063 rai with various species of flora such as Khanun Pa, Krathon Pa, Phimsen, etc., and fauna, the most frequently seen including boar, serow, mongoose, ground squirrel, Asiatic black bear, gibbon, monkey, etc. It is also home to several kinds of fish.


Namtok Khlong Narai - otherwise known as “Namtok Khao So Bap”, located some 8 Kilometres from the provincial town on the Chanthaburi – Laem Sing route.


Namtok Phlio  -  It is a medium-scale waterfall originating from an underground stream that springs and cascades over the cliff down to a pool below. Before reaching the waterfall, there is a pool which is a natural habitat of soro brook carp that reside in the stream of waterfalls in some regions only. There are also two important monuments within the waterfall area including:


Alongkon Chedi  - built from laterite in 1876 A.D. by King Rama V in memory of the king’s and his beloved consort’s, Queen Sunantha Kumarirat, visit to the waterfall in 1874.


Phranang Ruea Lom Pyramid  - a pyramidal stupa built from granite in 1881 in memory of the affectionate love of King Rama toward Queen Sunantha who was killed in a boat accident on the Chao Phraya River.

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