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Chanthaburi Province, more places to see

Namtok Trok Nong - The waterfall has three tiers. The 1st tier is known as “Namtok Mai Si” (Mai Si refers to bamboo). The 2nd tier is called “Namtok Klang” which is about one Kilometre away from the 1st tier. The 3rd tier is “Namtok Trok Nong” located about 1 Kilometres from the 2nd tier and cascades down a cliff of about 20 metres high.


Phuttha-utthayan Wat Chak Yai  - It is a Buddhist park featuring a fine sculptural exhibition of the Life of the

Lord Buddha with narrative signs.


Khuk Khi Kai  ( see picture on right ) -  was built to hold Thai’s who were against the French occupation of Chanthaburi in 1893.

A  7-metre high, square-shaped prison, it was built in bricks with each side measuring 4.40 metres.


Tuk Daeng ( see picture right ) - A single storey, red-tiled roof building built by  the French.It was

their headquarters during France's occupation of Chanthaburi from 1893-1903. The single storey

structure measuring 32 x 7 metres comprises five rooms that today serve as an exhibition area

show casing, among other artefacts, an old French cannon, pictures and literature chronicling

landmark events and history of Chanthaburi. The cannon bears the logo of an eagle with a snake

between its beaks, probably from the arsenal of legendary French conqueror and emperor

Napoleon Bonaparte.  it also serves as the Laem Sing district public library.


Hat Laem Sing -  The beach itself is shaded with pine trees lining the entire shore  and cooled by

constant gentle breezes.


Oasis Sea World  -  It is the place to reproduce and conserve dolphins in Chanthaburi’s watercourses.


Hot Springs -  three natural hot springs surrounded by longan and durian orchards, located 18 Kilometres from Amphoe Pong Nam Ron on Highway No. 3193.


Manut Boran Archaeological Site  - excavation site located 25 Kilometres from Amphoe Pong Nam Ron. Prehistoric human skeletons, stone tools, artefacts, pottery and ornaments of some 4,000 years old, now removed from the pits, were unearthed.


Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park  -  or Namtok Nam Pen - Places of interest include waterfalls like Namtok Saba, Namtok I Kek and especially Namtok Khao Sip Ha Chan, a breathtaking 15-tiered waterfall with water all year round.

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