Chanthaburi Province Page 14, Local Products to look out for
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Chanthaburi Province, local products to look out for

Gems - one of the province’s renowned economic products including elaborately cut gemstones by experienced craftsmen.


Magic Ring  -  golden rings fixed with gemstones. The setting is usually made into various animals such as shrimp, crab, fish, Naga serpent, etc. and can be separated into four connected rings.


Bang Sa Kao Mat Weaving Village  - located at Tambon Bang Sa Kao, Amphoe Laem Sing, the village features a mat weaving demonstration from the beginning until the final touch when the mats are turned into various useful items such as bag, tissue box holder, place mat, letter holder, sandal, etc.


Khlum Woven Products  - a crafted work promoted by the Chanthaburi Provincial Skill Development Centre. Khlum is a kind of water plant with tough and strong fibre.


Ban Suan Som Furniture Market -  located 55 Kilometres from Amphoe Pong Nam Ron, the village has been promoted for its wooden furniture such as living room suite, wardrobe, dining table, wall clock, etc.


Preserved Durian -  is the province’s famous processed product with a mildly sweet taste and aroma typical to each of the durian varieties.

Pumpkin, durian, and taro crisps are cooked by the Pong Nam Ron Housewife Group. They are sweet, delicious.

Fruits tropical fruits like rambutan, durian, mangosteen, Rakam and Sala varieties of zalacca, santol, etc. are abundant during May –June. Longan grow in abundance in Amphoe Pong Nam Ron, which has a similar climate to Northern Thailand, fruiting all year round, particularly during April – May.


Langsat Chamkho, sweet and not too large in size, grown in Tambon Chamkho, Amphoe Tha Mai, fruiting during May–September.


Pepper  - both black and white, Chanthaburi’s major economic crop .


Sen Chan Noodle  - is a symbolic product of Chanthaburi with a soft and glutinous quality.


Soi Dao Paper  -  made from the pulp of Soi Dao weed grown in abundance in Chanthaburi’s evergreen forests. Ban Kwian Hak Housewife Group in Amphoe Khlung started to make paper from the bark of the soft wood, fast-growing Soi Dao plant, which is similar to Sa paper but tougher and brown by its natural colour. Soi Dao paper can be made into sachets for tea or herbal beverages, or artificial flowers. The wood is used to make furniture.




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