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Chonburi Province, Districts, & Sub Districts, Provincial seal.

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The province is subdivided in 11 districts (Amphoe). These are further subdivided into 92 sub districts (tambon) and 691 villages (muban), and one special administrative area, Pattaya.

  1. Mueang Chonburi

  2. Ban Bueng

  3. Nong Yai

  4. Bang Lamung

  5. Phan Thong

  6. Phanat Nikhom

  7. Si Racha

  8. Koh Sichang

  9. Sattahip

 10. Bo Thong

Provincial seal  The provincial seal shows the hill Khao Sam Muk, on which a shrine is located. The local people believe that the spirit of that mountain protects the fishermen from harm. The legend says that in the 18th century a Chinese girl threw herself from the cliff after her parents objected to her marriage to her lover

Provincial tree as well as flower is the Burmese Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus, local name Pradu).

The provincial slogan is Beautiful Beaches, Delicious Khao Lam, Sweet Sugar Cane, Delicate Basketry Products and Buffalo Racing.