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Chonburi Province, Koh Sichang, Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine, Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan.

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Koh Sichang  - Twelve kilometres off the shore of Sri Racha is the large island of Sichang offering pleasant and quiet mountain and sea views. Koh Sichang has served as a cargo station since the early days of the country’s trading history. It is also the site of a summer palace built during the reign of King Rama V. Although abandon for over a century, several sections of the palace have been restored.

Places of interest on the island include:

Chao Pho Khao Yai Shrine - Situated on a northern hill of the island, the shrine is a natural architecture masterpiece, revered by both the Thai and Chinese worshippers. From here the front side of the island with a panoramic view of Sichang community can be clearly seen.

Mondop atop Buddha’s Footprint - King Rama V had this footprint replica installed on top of Khaya Sira Hill. It is another vantage point to admire Koh Sichang and its surrounding.

Hat Tham Khao Phang - Hat Tham Khao Phang at the back of the island surrounds this white sandy beach. The sloping beach is thus on the sheltered side. The sea is clear and not too rough. It is a good spot for swimming and lazing on the beach & to admire the sunset.

Khao Khat Pass and Hat Hin Klom  -  The name of “Hat Hin Klom” comes from the rounded rocks on the beach which have been rounded by the westerly wind that normally comes from March to September. The white sand makes the beach look clean and clear. The pass on the back side of the island is also another vantage point to watch the sunset.

Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan  - The only  palace amidst the sea, King Rama V had it built in 1892 as a holiday retreat and a convalescence home for his wives and children. The king loved to visit Sichang Island because of the beautiful scenery and the tranquil atmosphere it offered. It was also a big cargo station with lively transactions with foreign ships. For the construction, the king spent the money from his private treasury. He named the palace after the name of Prince Chuthathut who was born here.

The landscaping of the palace compound has carefully planned. Residential quarters, lawns, pools, and swamps are designed and located in ascending tiers from the beach up to the top of the hill, alternated with frangipani trees (Plumeria acuminata) of different colours. Each building was named after the queen who sponsored its decoration, for example, Watthana Mansion, Phongsi Mansion, and Aphirom Mansion. Cont: next page