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Chonburi Province, Koh Kham Yai, Koh Thai Khangkhao, Underwater World.

Chonburi Province Page 9 The Islands

Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan  cont :  On the beach there is a green house made of wood decorated with ginger-bread patterns. A building called “Man-that Phairot” was unfortunately stopped by the Thai-Franco disturbance in 1894. In 1899 the king had it moved to Dusit Palace in Bangkok and had the construction completed. He named it Vimanmek, which is now opened as a museum. A temple called “Wat Atsadang Nimit” was also built on a hill near the palace. Western architectural style was adapted and applied to the construction of the temple.

Facilities: There are several hotels and bungalows on the island. For local transport, motorised tricycles can be chartered to travel around. The narrow Road, on the island is in good condition, suitable for cycling and strolling.

How to get there: There are daily ferry services between Si Racha and Koh Sichang. Boats leave Koh Loi Si Racha everyday and every hour from 7 AM-8 PM. It takes about 45 minutes for the journey. On return, boats leave Koh Sichang every hour from 6 AM-8 PM. The boat services are operated by two companies: Saeng Prathip Tel. 0 3821 6116, 0 3821 6237, 0 3831 3687 and Sichang Palace Tel. 0 3821 6276-82

Koh Kham Yai  - is located five minutes at the front of Koh Sichang. The ferry  to Koh Sichang will stop at Koh Kham Yai. On the island is a fishing village with home stay accommodation, as well as, various activities of fishing, collecting oysters and catching squid provided for the visitors.

Koh Thai Khangkhao -  is a small island on the southern side of Koh  Sichang where there is a sandy beach and coral. Take a boat at Thewawong Pier for about half a hour. The cost is about  800 Baht. Otherwise, a speed boat can be rented from Koh Loi Siracha Pier for 5,000 baht for ten persons. Accommodation is also provided on the island.

Amphoe Bang Lamung and Mueang Pattaya

Underwater World  -  is on the Sukhumvit–Nong Prue Road and is an aquarium where there is a collection of marine species in the Gulf of Thailand. Visitors can walk through the acrylic pedestrian tunnel and witness various kinds of fish swimming in the 180 degree area. The tunnel is 105 metres long divided into four zones; the first zone where there are beautiful and rare fish such as angel fish, cleaning wrasse and butterfly fish, the second zone displays soft-bone ones such as sharks, stingrays, while those in the third zone are the economic ones such as the Napoleon fish, groupers, pomfrets, hawksbill  turtles,

and green turtles which reside around a replica of shipwreck; the fourth zone is a special one where

fish from the Amazon River and the biggest ones are on display. Moreover, there are marine lives

feeding shows, both onthe surface of the water and underwater in each zone. It is open every

day from 9 AM-6 PM (the ticket counter is closed at 5:30 PM). Entrance fee is 360 Baht for the adults

and 180 Baht for children. For more information, please contact Tel. 0 3875 6879 or Fax. 0 3875 6879.

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