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Chonburi Province, One Million Year Stone Park & Crocodile Farm, Mini Siam, Pattaya Elephant Village,Siriphon Orchid Farm,

Chonburi Province Page 11 Places around the Province

The Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm  ( see separate write up on this park  in L to P items  - then Pattaya) - This popular attraction is 9 km from Pattaya on Chaiyaphonwithi Road., off Highway No .3 at km 140. Its grounds are landscaped with flowering and rock gardens. Hundreds of crocodiles as well as some rare animals, including albino bears and horses, are kept. There are crocodile shows, magic performances and animal shows seven times a day from 9 AM-5 PM. The compound is open daily from 8.30AM-6 PM. Admission: 300 Baht for adults and 150 Baht for children. Tel. 0 3824 9347-9 or www.thaistonepark.org for more information.

Mini Siam  ( separate article on Mini Siam under L to P Items / Mini Siam ) -  is located at Km. 143 on Sukhumvit Road., Highway No. 3, North Pattaya, Mini Siam is one of famous model villages in the world. It celebrates the heritages of Thailand with miniature replicas of the most famous monuments and historical sites including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, Bridge over the River Kawai, Prasat Hin Phimai etc. Miniature replicas of the Tower Bridge of London, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi Fountain are also displayed in the section called “mini world”. The compound is open daily from 7 AM-10 PM. Admission: 250 Baht for adults and 120 Baht for children. Tel. 0 3842 1628, 0 3872 6201-3, 0 3872 7333 for more information.

Pattaya Elephant Village  -  is Located at km. 146, 7 km from Central Pattaya on Phonpraphanimit Road., this elephant camp focuses on daily life of elephants and their masters and also offers stage shows demonstrating how to catch wild elephants, elephants-at-work in the jungle, elephants playing football and a grand war elephants parade. The shows are held daily at 2.30 p.m. and last one hour. The ticket costs 500 Baht per person. A one-hour elephant ride is available from 8 AM-5.30PM at 900 Baht and rafting  & trekking three-hour is available from 10 AM-3.30PM at 1,800 Baht. Contact counter in Tropicana Hotel, Tel. 0 3824 9145-7, 0 3824 9818 or www.elephant-village-pattaya.com.

Siriphon Orchid Farm -  is situated at 235/14 Mu 5, Noen Phlap Wan Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Turn left for 800 metres from Sukhumvit Road, diagonally across the Pattaya Klang Intersection. Inside the farm are various kinds of orchids to be admired and purchased such as Pompadua, Vanda, Golden Shower, and Cattleya. For more information, Tel. 0 3842 9013, 03842 1536.

Monkey Training Centre  - Located in Soi Chaiyaphruek off Highway No. 3 at km 151, the centre displays the intelligence of monkeys trained to climb and pick coconuts and to undertake other activities. Cock-fighting and snake shows are also staged. Shows times are 9 AM, 11 AM, noon, 2 PM and 5 PM. Admission: 250 Baht. Tel. 0 3875 6367, 0 3875 6570 for more information.

Bottle Art Museum  -  km 145 on Sukhumvit Road., of Highway No. 3., Tel. 0 3842 2957, 0 3841 5783. This small museum, as its name implies, it specialises in glass bottle containing elaborately crafted creations, including the usual vessels. The exhibits are the works of the Dutch master, Peter Bedelais. Open daily from 8:30 AM-10 PM. Admission fee is 250 Baht for adults and 120 Baht for children.


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