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Chonburi Province, The Three Kingdoms Park, Ripley’s World of Entertainment, Tuxedo Magic Castle,  Open Eyes Show.

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The Three Kingdoms Park  - Tel. 0 3842 1428-9 or Bangkok Office at Tel. 0 2633 8114-5, www.3kingdomspark.com. A beautiful attraction full of the Sino-Thai architectural style, covering an area of 36 rai. It was originated from the idea of Khun Kiarti Srifuengfung, a leading Chinese businessman of Thailand. The art objects in this place is in accordance with the Chinese Fengshui, comprising of a 5-storey building, displaying oil paintings of the life story of Kong Ming, as well as, Jiangxi sculptures of leading characters from the chronicle in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The uppermost storey is the Buddha image hall and a sightseeing spot. Moreover, there is another building where there is a four metre-marble-engraved Bodhisattva Kwan Yin sculpture, Kuan Yu God, as well as, a fine art corridor where there are paintings on tiles depicting the major episode of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is open everyday from 10 AM-5 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens until 6 PM. Entrance fee is 150 Baht for adults and 80 Baht for children.


Ripley’s World of Entertainment  -  is on the 3rd floor of the Royal Garden Plaza Department Store, on Pattaya Beach Road. The tourism activities are as follows:


1. The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium  -  is a museum of a large collection of more than 300 stories and pieces of oddities  from all over the world, owned by Mr. Robert Ripley, a American man. Examples of the pieces are a three-legged horse, a four-eyed man, a miniature of a human’s head and a shark museum. Entrance fee is 380 Baht for adults and 280 Baht for children.

2. Four-Dimensional Cinema -  is a cinema of the future with a special system, creating a feeling of being in an actual situation among the viewers. Entrance fee is 200 Baht.

3. The Miracle Labyrinth  -  Witness the modern special effects of lights, colours and sounds in the 16 rooms, as well as, admire the beauty of the mysterious dimensions and illusions. Entrance fee is 380 Baht.

4. The Haunting Warehouse  - Tel. 0 3871 0294-8 or Bangkok Office Tel. 0 2247 0777. open daily from 11 AM-11 PM. Take an adventure in one of the five biggest coffin warehouses of the world. Entrance fee is 380 Baht.


Tuxedo Magic Castle  - is located at 78/16-17, on Pattaya Sai 2 Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Bang Lamung District. It is a magical theatre in the form of a split-level restaurant. There are series of shows such as making an umbrella out of cards. It is open everyday, three rounds a day at 7 PM, 8.30PM and 10 PM. On Saturday and public holidays, there is also a 5.30PM round. Admission fee is 450 Baht. For more information, Tel. 0 3848 8880 or www.tuxedo-magic.com.


Open Eyes Show  - is on Pattaya 2 Road, opposite the Tiffany Show. It is a magic performance in various styles such as Aladdin, the Mermaid, Invisible Woman, the Wonderland, etc. Each category of performances will be shown in rotation. The admission fee is 600 Baht for adults and 300 Baht for children. Tel. 0 3836 2077-79 Fax. 0 3836 2075.


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