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Chonburi Province, Hat Thain Tale, HTMS Chakri Naruebet, Turtle Conservation Centre, The Royal Thai Navy, Chong Samaesan Village, Chong Samaesan, Sa Siliam, Thailand.

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Hat Thian Tale - is a new tourist destination under the supervision of the Air and Coastal Defence Command, Royal Thai Navy. It is a sandy beach alternating with rocks, covering an area of 900 metres. It is a panoramic sightseeing point, with a bizarre shape of cliffs where a view of the sunset on the horizon can be admired. Moreover, there are various kinds of marine plants for study, kayaks for rent, as well as restaurants for food and beverage. For more information, please contact the Queen Sirikit Hospital, ext. Air and Coastal Defence Command at Tel. 0 3824 5760.

HTMS Chakri Naruebet  - is an offshore Patrol Helicopter Carrier anchored at the Chuk Samet Deep Seaport. His Majesty the King named the ship “Chakri Naruebet” meaning the Sovereign of the Chakri Dynasty. It was constructed in Spain in 1994. It is a 11-storey ship measuring 182 metres in length and 30.5 metres in width. It is equipped with modern weapons, as well as, long-range surveillance radar. The important missions during wartime are the Flagship of the fleet, controlling and commanding the fleet in the sea, as well as the aircraft carrier and air defence mission. It is open daily from 8 AM-4 PM. It is closed only on Wednesday from 8 AM-12 AM. It is free of charge. International visitors will have to write a letter to the Commander of the Royal Thai Fleet, Sattahip, Chon Buri, 20180. For more information, Tel. 0 3843 8547-62 ext. HTMS Chakri Naruebet.

Turtle Conservation Centre, the Royal Thai Navy  -  is a source of knowledge on the biology of the sea turtle life cycle for the government agencies and other groups of visitors. The centre also provides a lecture for the public and youth, VDO presentation and exhibitions. Visitors can admire the cuteness of the sea turtles in the nursery ponds. Its objective is to create love and the preservation awareness towards Thai sea turtles. The Centre is open everyday from 8 AM-5 PM. Please contact in advance at the Air and Coastal Defence Command, Tel. 0 3843 1477ext.1035-6, 0 3824 5760, ext.066-3809

Chong Samaesan Village  - Chong Samaesan is another village offering good fishing opportunities. It is located some 17 km further from the Sattahip deep-water port. There are bungalow-type accommodations and tourists can charter boats to enjoy fishing around the nearby islands. These entire small islands are under the jurisdiction of the navy. Suan Chunlakan Sathit Sathan Banphachon Siam  -  is a park built for Admiral Prince Krommaluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak in 1995. It is situated at Mu 1, Tambon Phlu Ta Luang where a shrine and statues of Prince Krommaluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak and significant persons in Thai history as well as revered Buddhist monks in the past is situated. The park is open daily from 7 AM-6 PM.

Amphoe Phanat Nikhom

Sa Siliam - is situated at Mu 6, Tambon Sa Siliam. From Phanat Nikhom, take the Phanat Nikhom–Sa Siliam Road, passing Wat Hua Thanon to an ancient pond in a square shape (Sa Siliam), dug into a laterite. According to legend, it is the pond where Phra Rot in the folk story “Phra Rot-Meri”, brought his cock to drink water in this area when he ran a cock fight to make a living for the 12 ladies.

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