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Chonburi Province, Thailand, Phra Phuttha Ming Mueang, Ho Phra Phanatbodi, Wat Chum Saeng Si Wanaram, Luangpho Tio, Wat Hua Thanon, Wat Luang Phrommawat, Wat Tai Ton Lan.

Chonburi Province Page 17 what to see around the Province

Phra Phuttha Ming Mueang  - is an engraved Buddha image out of Padauk wood in the posture of subduing Mara. It is the Laotian art, constructed in 1828 by the Laotians who immigrated into this area. Originally, the image was enshrined in an abandoned temple, called “Wat Pha Khao Yai”, which is assumed to be an ancient temple, the first to be constructed in the Phanat Nikhom area. Later, Phanat Nikhom Municipality Office renovated the temple and its compound, as well as, built a Wihan as a residence of the wooden Buddha image at the location where the original Ubosot had been. At present, it is near the community centre of the Phanat Nikhom Municipality Office.


Ho Phra Phanatbodi - is situated in the middle of a pond, opposite the Phanat Nikhom Municipality Office, Mueang Kao Road, Soi 1. It is a place where a replica of Phra Phanatbodi (Vanaspati) is enshrined. It is a dignified standing Buddha image in the blessing posture of the Dvaravati period, whose age is about 1,200-1,300 years. It was elaborately engraved out of a delicate black stone. The image is standing on a mythical creature whose characteristics are a mixture of a garuda, a bull and a swan.


Wat Chum Saeng Si Wanaram - is located at Mu 1, Tambon Nong Nang, 13 km from Phanat Nikhom Market via Thung Hiang Market along the Highway No. 3284. Then, turn left for two km. This temple was originally called “Wat Mai Yang Ngam”. The distinguishing point of this temple is Sala Kan Parian–a temple hall for the Buddhist monks’ meeting and religious ceremony, constructed of terra-cotta into modern architecture. It is called Mabunkhrong Building. Moreover, the Ubosot displays interesting religious puzzle paintings.


Luangpho Tio, Wat Hua Thanon  -  is ten km from the centre of the district. Take the Phanat Nikhom–Sa Siliam route to Tambon Hua Thanon, which is the location of the temple. Luangpho Tio is a Buddha image in subduing Mara posture. It is an engraved image of Taeo wood (called Tio wood by  the Laotians). During the Songkran period, on 19 April every year, there is a procession carrying the image around the village. It is believed that the image would make all the wishes and success come true.


Wat Luang Phrommawat  -  is situated at Ban Khlong Luang, Tambon Wat Luang on the Phanat Nikhom-Chachoengsao Road, the similar way to Wat Bot. This temple was once a place where the ceremony of drinking an oath of allegiance was conducted. The temple’s compound is large and abundant. Moreover, there are many flying foxes in the trees.


Wat Tai Ton Lan  - is located at Rai Lak Thong Sub-district on the Phanat Nikhom–Chachoengsao Road. It was constructed in 1905, representing the interesting architecture of the local skilled craftsmen such as the old wooden Sala Kan Parian–a preaching hall, a pair of swan columns, the cement giant sculpture in front of the Ubosot, the ancient Jiangxi Chinese tiles layering the floor of the Ubosot, and the scripture hall or library made of teakwood surrounded by water.

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