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Chonburi Province, Thailand. The Basketry  Village, Khao Cha-ang, Tham Khao Cha-ang Ha Yot, Silver Lake Vineyard, Koh Kham Underwater Park.

Chonburi Province Page 18 Wat's around Chonburi

The Basketry Village - is located at Mu 1-11, Rai Lak Thong Sub-district. However, the area where the basketwork is widely made is at Mu 10, in the area of Wat Koh Kaeo Khlong Luang, four km from the district along the Phanat Nikhom-Chachoengsao Road. Turn right and go further for four km. Bamboo will be woven into purses, baskets, betel sets, etc. in colourful, beautiful and modern patterns. Those interested can purchase the products at shops behind the municipality fresh market (the old market).

Amphoe Bo Thong


Khao Cha-ang  - is 30 km from the centre of the district. It is an isolated limestone mountain standing on a plain and an important source of gold and antimony. Khao Cha-ang comprises of Khao Cha-ang Song Khrueang, Khao Cha-ang Ha Yot and Khao Cha-ang On. Inside each mountain are various beautiful caves such as Tham Nam, Tham Khangkhao, Tham Laplae and Tham Mangkon.


Tham Khao Cha-ang Song Khrueang - is 19 km from Bo Thong District in the east. It is a large cave with a carrying capacity of thousands of people and a location of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, as well as, a habitat of many bats.


Tham Khao Cha-ang Ha Yot  -  is seven km further from Khao Cha-ang Song Khrueng. It is also a big cave of stalagmites and stalactites. Moreover, inside is divided into many small chambers.



Silver Lake Vineyard  -  is located at Mu 7, Tambon Na Jomtien, Sattahip District, on the road to the entrance of Khao Chi Chan-Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan, covering an area of 400 rai with 12 kinds of grapes, 11 of which are for fresh consumption and the other one is for making wine. Visitors can taste and purchase fresh grapes, preserved ones and pure juice as souvenirs. The vineyard is open everyday without any entrance fee. Note: Cars are not allowed in the vineyard. The vineyard provides the ATV for rent for 200 Baht for 20 minutes and 600 Baht for one hour. For more information, Tel. 08 1700 4527 Bangkok Tel. 0 2261 2278-9 ext.100


Koh Kham Underwater Park  - is an eco tourism attraction within the compound of the Royal Thai Navy  in Sattahip. Take a boat from Klang Ao Pier in the area of Ao Dong Tan for 45 minutes. On Koh Kham lie white sandy beaches in a perfect natural condition. There are many Chan Pha (Dracaena loureiri Gagnep.) trees. It looks like two islands connecting each other with extending land. Snorkelling can be done at the island. However, it is not freely open for the public due to its preservation area. Those interested can contact the Coastguard Command, Sattahip District. For more information, call 0 3843 1177, 0 3843 2170. There is a one-day trip provided.

Chonburi Province Page 20 Submarine trips in Chonburi