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Chiang Mai Administrative divisions and districts

Chiang Mai Page 1, Province & Capital Chiang Mai Page 3,Panoramic view from Wat Doi Suthep

Administrative divisions

Chiang Mai is sub divided into 25 districts (Amphoe). The districts are further subdivided into 204 sub districts (Tambon) and 1915 villages (Muban).

  1. Mueang Chiang Mai

  2. Chom Thong

  3. Mae Chaem

  4. Chiang Dao

  5. Doi Saket

  6. Mae Taeng

  7. Mae Rim

  8. Samoeng

  9. Fang

 10. Mae Ai

 11. Phrao

 12. San Pa Tong

 13. San Kamphaeng

 14. San Sai

 15. Hang Dong

 16. Hot

 17. Doi Tao

 18. Omkoi

 19. Saraphi

 20. Wiang Haeng

 21. Chai Prakan

 22. Mae Wang

 23. Mae On

 24. Doi Lo

 26. Galyani Vadhana

The Province of Chiang Mai