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Elephant Show  - The show begins with elephants bathing to cool themselves then mahouts would place a log harness on their backs. Finally, elephants will demonstrate their forestry skills. Elephant riding and rafting are the most popular activities. Some of the Elephant training centres are:

Pang Chang Mae Taeng

Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre

Pang Chang Mae Sa

Pang Chang Pong Yaeng

Mountain Biking Mountain biking is done on several routes in Chiang Mai including around the old city moats.

Home stay at Ban Mae Kampong The village is situated in a mountainous area with jungle surroundings. Nearby attractions include waterfalls, a cotton weaving village and the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Agricultural Station.

Hill tribes Trekking Of particular interest to most are the six major hill tribes which inhabit the Northern Highlands. The largest group is Karen, followed by the Meo, Lahu, Yao, Akha and Lisu. They share animism beliefs and honour numerous forest and guardian spirits. Each tribe has distinctive ceremonial attire, courtship rituals, games, dances, agricultural customs, languages or dialects, aesthetic values and hygienic habits.

Bamboo Rafting  - Whitewater Rafting Bamboo Rafting along the Mae Taeng River  - is very popular because the river zigzags along the valleys. The river tide is not too rough and the surroundings on both sides are admirable.

Cruising along the Ping River Maenam Ping is the main river in Chiang Mai. While cruising, people can witness the atmosphere of Chiang Mai, as well as the local lifestyle on both sides of the Ping River.

Artificial Rock Climbing Artificial Rock Climbing  - can be practised at the Peak Rock Climbing Plaza.

Spa treatment in Chiang Mai includes both traditional remedies and healing arts alongside modern techniques. This treatment, in terms of service available, has escalated over the past few years and there are now innumerable locations offering spa service – often including a Jacuzzi and steam bath.

Shopping in Chiang Mai is one of the most popular activities of the region. Besides the usual abundance of shopping malls and department stores, there is a huge variety of local markets. The Night Bazaar in downtown Chiang Mai is the most popular location for shopping.

What to do around the Province of Chiang Mai.

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