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Songkran Festival -  is held annually from 13 to 15 April. The 13th of April is the Great Songkran day featuring the revered Phra Phuttha Sihing  Buddha image parade around Chiang Mai town for bathing, sand pagoda forming, blessing of elders, and water splashing.The roads along the moats of Chiang Mai are full of vehicles during the water splashing festival of Songkran

Doi Suthep Pilgrimage  -  On the night of Visakha Bucha Day, worshippers gather to light candles and make the 7-kilometre pilgrimage up to the temple on Doi Suthep.

City Pillar Inthakin Festival -  is held to invoke blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity for the city and its residents. Buddha images are paraded around the city. It is held at Wat Chedi Luang for seven auspicious days and nights in the 7th lunar month.

Over 100,000 people each year visit to came to make merit which is called “Tam Boon Khan Dok” by  placing flowers, candle and incense sticks on the bowls in the forecourts of the temple to invoke blessings of peace, happiness and prosperity  for Chiang Mai and its residents.

Yi Peng Festival  -  is held annually on Loy Krathong day .  The festival features the release of lanterns into the sky to worship the gods. There are also fireworks, lantern contests, and beauty  pageants.

Chiang Mai Loy Krathong Festival (Yee Peng) - takes place each year on the first & second days of the full-moon of the twelfth lunar month & is one of the most charming of all Thai festivals.

The custom of placing handmade floats decorated with flowers and candles on waterways goes back over 700 years to the Sukhothai historical period .

During this two day festival, each evening the skies over Chiang Mai are full of paper covered floating lanterns & fireworks, it really is a sight to behold!.

If you have plans to visit either Chiang Mai or Thailand during the Loy  Krathong Festival it really  is a "must see" event!!.

In Northern Thailand, "Yee Peng" is celebrated for two nights under the new full moon.

As the moon rises on the second night, celebrations include a procession

with floats through the city to the Ping River, boat races, and a beauty

contest. Hot air lanterns similar to balloons are also launched all  around into

the night sky - a truly  incredible sight ..

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